0003_#FridayFilth – Joe Ford

It’s Friday, it’s Filthy, It’s #FilthyFiday! This week we’re turning our attention to no other than Joe Ford who is BACK with brand new music. Prepare for aggressive breaks and a saw like bassline. Make a Threat is out now on on Shogun and available to stream on SoundCloud and Spotify.

Give it a listen below



Review: Colourspace

Hugh Hardie’s debut album Colourspace has been out on Hospital Records for around a month now (about equally as long as this post has been sitting in my drafts). Hugh’s long awaited debut album perfectly showcases his talent, includes a wide range of styles, and features collaborations with Pola & Bryson and GLXY just to name a few (which also happen to be my favourites).

Throughout the entire album Hugh Hardie takes us on a journey of his progress and development as a producer. The first two tracks of the album, Love Troubles and Dusky Keys, have that disinct distinct Hardie-funk-and-soul-sound that made the City Soul EP so special.

The album is versatile and progresses to heavier basslines while continuing to have soulfulness to it. Transitioning from upbeat funk to nastier beats and bass with such ease, he reminds me of the sound of S.P.Y – who is a true chameleon in terms of style and who gives each sub-genre of DnB all the love it deserves. This, like S.P.Y., makes it very hard, if not near to impossible, to place Hugh Hardie into any specific box other than that of ‘amazing talent’.

Emerald City, featuring Pola & Bryson, is probably my favourite track of the whole album. It starts off with that distinct sound that is very similar to Love Troubles, but then swiftly moves into a soft, twinkling, and melodic roll until the darker bass kicks in – making it an absolute feel good song!

What I like most about the Colourspace album is that it gives you a listening experience that carries through throughout all tracks as well as taking you through sound that shape Hugh Hardie’s individual style.

Bottom line if you’re a fan of Technimatic or S.P.Y you will definitively enjoy giving Colourspace a spin.






0001_#FridayFilth – Tantrum Desire

This weeks’ summery #FridayFilth is ‘Gravitate’ by Tantrum Desire, taken from the forthcoming Summer LP on Technique Records. While the track does not fall into the ‘dark and filthy’ category per say, it is on the dark-er side of things for a summery track, making it the perfect choice for a hot start to a bank holiday #FilthyFriday!

Give it a spin here




Review: Synergy EP

Alix Perez joins forces with the boys from SpectraSoul to bring us four new tracks nicely wrapped into the Synergy EP, which dropped little over two weeks ago on both their respective labels 1984 and Ich Chat music.


I for one can’t get enough of it, and to be completely honest there have already been a couple of days where I’ve listened to it nonstop on repeat, as I find it perfect to work to. The rolling bass carries through nicely throughout the whole EP, accompanied by melodic piano and soulful twinkly chords, giving it the perfect summer vibe and overall just combines the best both Alix and SpectraSoul bring to the table in terms of production. You can still hear out both their unique sounds, but together they work oh so beautifully!

It is no surprise that this collaboration sounds as good as it does. One only has to think back to ‘Forsaken‘, which – I think – was the first collaboration of Alix and SpectraSoul. Taken from Alix Perez’ debut album on Shogun 1984, Forsaken had a Calibre-esque highly melodic and somewhat melancholic sounding feel to it that I love so much in liquid DnB.

If I had to put down a wild guess, I would say that the track ‘So Close‘ was more heavily produced by Alix Perez, while ‘The Need‘ was more on the dynamic duo that is SpectraSoul. The soulful intro to ‘The Need‘, as well as the piano and distorted-flute-like-sounding components give it that certain SpectraSoul ring to it and reminds me of their work such as ‘The Mistress‘ and ‘Shelter‘. ‘So Close‘ on the other hand pays more attention to beats and breaks, is generally a bit more fast paced than the other songs, and has less coherent vocals that drift in and out of focus – perfect for a wondering mind. Last but definitively not least, ‘Undone‘ again more on the melancholic side, with fast snares and slow melodic piano setting the scene for DRS’ heartfelt lyrics.

All that being said, the title of the EP really could not be more fitting as it does exactly what it says on the box: ‘Synergy’ is the combined effort greater than that of separate effects and, to me, showcases a homage to melodic liquid drum and bass.


Give it a listen on SoundCloud




Reggae Roast – Sunday Skank!

The latest installment of Reggae Roast’s Sunday Skank sesh held yesterday, Sunday 14th May, at Brixton Jamm was one not to be missed! The weather gods most definitively were on our side, as we enjoyed a few ice-cold beers out in the sunshine of what I can only describe one of the most chilled out outdoor areas Brixton has to offer.

Brixton Jamm is one of the many gems in and around Brixton that has the best of both outdoor and indoor fun. The outside area is big enough for it never really to feel too busy, especially with plenty of benches, spots to sit and chill, and palm trees adding to the general laid back atmosphere, it is one of those places that once the sun is out you don’t want to be anywhere else.

And timing wise things couldn’t have worked out better yesterday either; the music started playing inside just around the time it started to get a bit rainy out. As you walk through the double doors and under a sign that most fittingly reads LET’S GO DANCE you are first greeted by a hefty bassline. I was half expecting Reggae Roasts to bring along their own custom built multiple stacks high sound system, but either way the sounds did not disappoint.



As expected the music was spot on with a good mix of roots, reggae, and dub. The vibes were flowing, with the Reggae Roast crew passing the mic back & forth and everyone was having a great time. Shumba Youth and Leo Samson launched their new single ‘Check it out’, which got released on the label a few weeks back, and performed some tracks from their EP as well. Unfortunately I could not stay to the end to witness Benny Page dropping a Reggae X Jungle set, but I can only imagine how good that must have been!

These monthly installments of Sunday Skank are taking Sunday-Funday to the next level! Especially with summer coming up, I am looking forward to some sunshine, BBQ food, happy hour all accompanied by the best UK reggae has to offer.

Boom, Caro out.





What now?

Blog post number two. Only a few days in and already going in strong! Not that the content has been anything other than streams of consciousness so far, but nevertheless content is content!

There are still a few practicalities I need to figure out. Particularly around WordPress and how to separate the blog into different sections and how these can be linked back through to the main Menu, but I guess all it takes is for me to sit down and learn how to ‘do’ WordPress by watching a few YouTube videos…

So I thought it would make sense to give you a little outline of what I have planned for this space. Because once it’s out there, there’s no taking it back and you can all hold me accountable for what I am saying on here! Content: Friends – Food – DnB. The three pillars of my life. That’s what you can expect from this place. And to give context to content, here’s what I’ve got planned:

Friends. In this section I will write about places we go, what we do, and general cool things. In other words you can probably think about it as a Things To Do or Places To Go section, but that did not sound as good as Friends and on top of that I usually do stuff with my friends so there we go.

Food. Without sounding cliché (or douché) I consider myself a foodie. I love food. I love cooking food, tasting new foods, experimenting with new things in the kitchen and as a general rule I have whenever going somewhere new is to try something the person working there would recommend… unless it’s something basic that I can make at home… unless the place is known for that… unless there’s something that someone else has ordered at a different table that I saw and that looked amazing… there are exceptions to the rule – rules are to be broken! With regard to home cooking, I have always been intrigued by different ingredients coming together and being turned into a mouth explosion of flavours. But more than anything else I love baking up a storm in the kitchen. So expect some crazy tasty recipes on here, as well as as my honest review on all sorts of food places I end up at.

DnB. Nothing compares to drum and bass. I struggle to put into words what it is exactly, but there is something so unexplainable pleasant about the beautifully crafted sounds of DnB that makes my heart jump at 175 BpM… Expect some banging reviews on pretty much anything ranging from set and recent night out reviews, my thoughts on new tunes, tunes that I am loving at the moment, and of course my weekly top tune aka the #FRIDAYFILTH! As the name suggests this is more on the filthy side, so let’s see what I can come up with for something a bit more liquid.

Brace yourselves. Caro out.