Exit Records presents: Aptitude

Dbridge rallied up the best of Exit Record talent and associated artists at the second session of the Aptitude series held, fittingly, at the Bridge last Friday 2nd June.

We got to the venue around 1 am and it was the first time we went there so we didn’t quite know what to expect. I’d say it was interesting. From the outside the place is very unassuming: no sign, no posters, no anything – all black. Once inside, you walk up some stairs and enter a rather small room, with sleek walls and shiny ceiling. It’s an odd little place, but the speakers are loud and have a good wobble to them.

Everyone that loves drum and bass knows that it was a sad week last week with the unexpected passing of┬áMarcus Intalex. That’s why Exit records have decided to donate all proceeds from the night to Marcus’ family and help in this difficult time. Marcus Intalex was one of the great DnB producers, and a true pioneer. He has pretty much invented the sub-genre of liquid funk and his contributions to the world of music will live on.

Aptitude payed tribute to him and played his music. After some slow rollers, the night picked up pass with more experimental sets and more personality coming through the different tunes. Unfortunately we had to cut the night short as we had field day the next day and wanted to be as rested as we could have been given that we’ve just spent the last 3 or so hours on our feet taking in the music…