Field Day 2017

Last Saturday, 3rd June 2017, was that time of year again! Field day, one of London’s now probably most popular and ever growing day festivals, graced us with its presence once again.

Field Day was also the very first day festival I’ve ever been to back in 2012… which is now 5 years ago! Back then I went with a friend as an end-of-exams-treat-yo-self gift to outselves, and I have very fond memories of that day! We saw Gold Panda, SBTRKT, Hudson Mowahk, possibly Flying Lotus, and maybe even Franz Ferdinand (just to give you an idea HOW LONG AGO 2012 is), as well as a bunch of other acts (which I cannot recall). But from what I can absolutely remember, you can trust me that 2012 was a good year for music! SBTRKT released his first album, everyone was loosing it when he played Wild Fire, Hudson Mohawk had also just released his first album, with Cbat and Thunderbay being the killer tracks of his set, and Gold Panda’s set had one of the best light shows I had seen at the time playing around with lights and smokes. Trust me when I say it was an epic day!

So you guys can probably understand that I jumped at the idea of returning to Field Day half a decade later when my friend suggested to go again this year. On the day of the event, my friend sent me our what we thought were e-Tickets only to realize that the email did not come with any attachments. Turns out RA actually sent out physical tickets and they got delivered to my friends’ home address in – wait for it – Scotland. After a bit of an initial panic period we cleared our heads over an epic breakfast and came up with an action plan: que será, será and we had all the documents and ticket purchase confirmations with us to prove our point. After a filling our tummies with some tasty poached eggs, avocado on toast, and heaps of bacon we walked over to Victoria park.

We arrived at the site around 4pm, thinking it would only take a few moments for us to get in. We ended up queuing for over an hour at ticket enquiries, only to be told that we should not have even bothered to queue there as there were loads of people who just like us made the honest mistake of not having a physical ticket on us and could have just walked in…  Sadly, that meant we missed Moderat for nothing (but from what I’ve been told, it was a great set).

Given that we only got in around five we missed have the festival, but luckily still managed to see everyone we wanted to see for most parts. One of the biggest downside of London festivals’ is that due to their location they will never be loud enough. the stage Kode9 was playing at was actually quite cool –  a pavilion rather than a tent – but that also meant it was even quieter than the other stages, and it’s a shame because Kode9 deserves a lot of bass! So we imagined the bass and had a good little skank before going to see Nico Jaar at the barn.

The barn was the main stage, and was a warehouse like looking construction that was mind blowing and reflects the scale at which Field Day has grown over the years to a whopping capacity of 25,000 people now.

To be completely honest, I was a little bit disappointed by both Nico Jaar and Nina Kraviz. Both their sets felt like a very long intro, with the progression not really kicking in and you were left in this build-up mood that you did not get to release. It also felt a bit as if they were not really that into it and who can blame them to be fair: If you’re used to headlining and playing at the greatest and grandest festivals, and are then also playing a little set at a minor London festival that is a bit of a catch-all for a wide range of genres, I’d imagine you base your set on the crowd and give them a catch-all, non-offensive, and quite-generic set. But then again what do I know; I’m a DnB head and it could have been a fantastic minimal tech set – I just didn’t feel it.


The highlight of the day was without a doubt the closing show by Aphex  Twin. This set alone made the entire day worth it; it was mind-blowing to say the least. The light show was one of a kind and Aphex was keeping the intensity on high throughout the entire show. If you want to listen back to the set, this Reddit thread managed to get the entire track lists for his sets, and can all be listened back to via the Spotify playlist here – enojy!




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