YouTube DnB Radio Live Streams

Drum and bass all day, every day!

I am lucky enough to have a job where its socially acceptable to listen to music all day long. Needless to say I take full advantage of the situation, and depending on the kind of work I need to do each day, I usually switch things up between Liquid and Neurofunk (a general rule of thumb I have is that the more focused I need to be, the darker and nastier I need my music). And of course it also goes without saying that I am constantly on the hunt for new music to listen to.

This is where YouTube radio live streams come into play! I’m not entirely sure when YouTube radio started becoming a thing, but I have noticed more and more pop up over the past few weeks / potentially coming up to a month now. They are great as they provide a constant flow of music, meaning you don’t have to waste any time anymore on deciding on what to listen to next and can stay fully in the zone. The other benefit being that it helps discover and rediscover little gems that have somehow managed to slip right to the back of your go-to selection, but now that you’ve rediscovered them it’s like why have you ever stopped listening to them??

And without further much ado let’s get straight into it! Here are my top picks:

UKF Drum & Bass 24/7 Mix – Liquid Radio

This was the first radio live stream I’ve discovered. It includes the likes of Etherwood, Lenzman, Technimatic, Hybrid Minds, Dawn Wall, and Keeno (in no particular order). A sweet sounding combination of deep, soulful and mostly vocal DnB. The only downside is that the stream sometimes crashes. ‘Sometimes’ is actually a bit harsh; it only happened twice so far whilst I was listening, but when you’re left in uncomfortable silence for too long as you’re eagerly awaiting the stream to pick up again, and you actively have to start thinking about what to listen to next, then it becomes a problem for a 24/7 Radio stream…


Drum&BassArena 24/7 Radio – Laid-back & Liquid D&B mix

And the title means business. Including tracks from the likes of Icicle, Commix, and [], the DNBA liquid radio is quite different to that of UKF. As some of the purists out there might agree with me, we can probably put this down to the different approaches the two of them have to drum and bass. As such expect less vocal DnB, and overall more minimal liquid DnB goodness. The one downside I can think of, which has nothing to do with the music, is the constantly moving background image. I find this very irritating as I always tend to have my music visible in a small screen to know what I’m listening to and the moving blocks in the background.


Drum&BassArena 24/7 Radio – Heavy-Hitters & Neurofunk D&B mix

You gotta leave it to the guys at Drum&BassArena to come up with fitting titles. The stream punches way above heavy hitters weight including, but most definitively not limited to, bangers from the likes of Spor, Noisia, Emporor, Mefjus, Audio, Enei, Mefjus, Black Sun Empire, and many many more. The stream provides banger after banger, making it the perfect soundtrack to any Friday! The transitions between tracks are really smooth and keep up with the tempo of the previous track so it always has a consistent flow to it, and you’re not left subjected to the randomness of YouTube’s ‘up next’ auto-generated playlists.


What are your favourite YouTube radio live streams to listen to? If you know of any other ones please please please let me know in the comment section below.



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