Review: Synergy EP

Alix Perez joins forces with the boys from SpectraSoul to bring us four new tracks nicely wrapped into the Synergy EP, which dropped little over two weeks ago on both their respective labels 1984 and Ich Chat music.


I for one can’t get enough of it, and to be completely honest there have already been a couple of days where I’ve listened to it nonstop on repeat, as I find it perfect to work to. The rolling bass carries through nicely throughout the whole EP, accompanied by melodic piano and soulful twinkly chords, giving it the perfect summer vibe and overall just combines the best both Alix and SpectraSoul bring to the table in terms of production. You can still hear out both their unique sounds, but together they work oh so beautifully!

It is no surprise that this collaboration sounds as good as it does. One only has to think back to ‘Forsaken‘, which – I think – was the first collaboration of Alix and SpectraSoul. Taken from Alix Perez’ debut album on Shogun 1984, Forsaken had a Calibre-esque highly melodic and somewhat melancholic sounding feel to it that I love so much in liquid DnB.

If I had to put down a wild guess, I would say that the track ‘So Close‘ was more heavily produced by Alix Perez, while ‘The Need‘ was more on the dynamic duo that is SpectraSoul. The soulful intro to ‘The Need‘, as well as the piano and distorted-flute-like-sounding components give it that certain SpectraSoul ring to it and reminds me of their work such as ‘The Mistress‘ and ‘Shelter‘. ‘So Close‘ on the other hand pays more attention to beats and breaks, is generally a bit more fast paced than the other songs, and has less coherent vocals that drift in and out of focus – perfect for a wondering mind. Last but definitively not least, ‘Undone‘ again more on the melancholic side, with fast snares and slow melodic piano setting the scene for DRS’ heartfelt lyrics.

All that being said, the title of the EP really could not be more fitting as it does exactly what it says on the box: ‘Synergy’ is the combined effort greater than that of separate effects and, to me, showcases a homage to melodic liquid drum and bass.


Give it a listen on SoundCloud




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