Reggae Roast – Sunday Skank!

The latest installment of Reggae Roast’s Sunday Skank sesh held yesterday, Sunday 14th May, at Brixton Jamm was one not to be missed! The weather gods most definitively were on our side, as we enjoyed a few ice-cold beers out in the sunshine of what I can only describe one of the most chilled out outdoor areas Brixton has to offer.

Brixton Jamm is one of the many gems in and around Brixton that has the best of both outdoor and indoor fun. The outside area is big enough for it never really to feel too busy, especially with plenty of benches, spots to sit and chill, and palm trees adding to the general laid back atmosphere, it is one of those places that once the sun is out you don’t want to be anywhere else.

And timing wise things couldn’t have worked out better yesterday either; the music started playing inside just around the time it started to get a bit rainy out. As you walk through the double doors and under a sign that most fittingly reads LET’S GO DANCE you are first greeted by a hefty bassline. I was half expecting Reggae Roasts to bring along their own custom built multiple stacks high sound system, but either way the sounds did not disappoint.



As expected the music was spot on with a good mix of roots, reggae, and dub. The vibes were flowing, with the Reggae Roast crew passing the mic back & forth and everyone was having a great time. Shumba Youth and Leo Samson launched their new single ‘Check it out’, which got released on the label a few weeks back, and performed some tracks from their EP as well. Unfortunately I could not stay to the end to witness Benny Page dropping a Reggae X Jungle set, but I can only imagine how good that must have been!

These monthly installments of Sunday Skank are taking Sunday-Funday to the next level! Especially with summer coming up, I am looking forward to some sunshine, BBQ food, happy hour all accompanied by the best UK reggae has to offer.

Boom, Caro out.





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