What now?

Blog post number two. Only a few days in and already going in strong! Not that the content has been anything other than streams of consciousness so far, but nevertheless content is content!

There are still a few practicalities I need to figure out. Particularly around WordPress and how to separate the blog into different sections and how these can be linked back through to the main Menu, but I guess all it takes is for me to sit down and learn how to ‘do’ WordPress by watching a few YouTube videos…

So I thought it would make sense to give you a little outline of what I have planned for this space. Because once it’s out there, there’s no taking it back and you can all hold me accountable for what I am saying on here! Content: Friends – Food – DnB. The three pillars of my life. That’s what you can expect from this place. And to give context to content, here’s what I’ve got planned:

Friends. In this section I will write about places we go, what we do, and general cool things. In other words you can probably think about it as a Things To Do or Places To Go section, but that did not sound as good as Friends and on top of that I usually do stuff with my friends so there we go.

Food. Without sounding cliché (or douché) I consider myself a foodie. I love food. I love cooking food, tasting new foods, experimenting with new things in the kitchen and as a general rule I have whenever going somewhere new is to try something the person working there would recommend… unless it’s something basic that I can make at home… unless the place is known for that… unless there’s something that someone else has ordered at a different table that I saw and that looked amazing… there are exceptions to the rule – rules are to be broken! With regard to home cooking, I have always been intrigued by different ingredients coming together and being turned into a mouth explosion of flavours. But more than anything else I love baking up a storm in the kitchen. So expect some crazy tasty recipes on here, as well as as my honest review on all sorts of food places I end up at.

DnB. Nothing compares to drum and bass. I struggle to put into words what it is exactly, but there is something so unexplainable pleasant about the beautifully crafted sounds of DnB that makes my heart jump at 175 BpM… Expect some banging reviews on pretty much anything ranging from set and recent night out reviews, my thoughts on new tunes, tunes that I am loving at the moment, and of course my weekly top tune aka the #FRIDAYFILTH! As the name suggests this is more on the filthy side, so let’s see what I can come up with for something a bit more liquid.

Brace yourselves. Caro out.


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