… and welcome to what feels like the millionth time of me having a blog. I have tried to set up and maintain a blog quite a number of times before, and usually fail within a few weeks – if that! So why try again? What makes me think this time will be any different to the times before? Well, a number of things in fact! For starters I think the discipline of sitting down and pouring out my thoughts in a clear and concise manner will do me a lot of good. Second, I don’t really expect this to go anywhere, so there won’t be any need for  self induced pressure. And most importantly, I have found a new appreciation for my life in London! From the things I get up, the people I hang out with, the stuff I do, say, and even feel, all seem to shine in a positive new way by the fact that I know that my time here in London is coming to and end. And please don’t get me wrong; I absolutely adore this place! But I feel it’s time to move on and up to new challenges and places.

It seems that now the decision has been made, everything else is falling into place quite nicely as well. Enter stage: Blog.

First post = done.

Boom, Caro out.



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